A New Type of Imprint Volume Seven.
Summer 2016. Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director.

Volume Seven was all about the colorful and vivid visual language in sports. In addition to everyday stories, fiction, essays, photo series and illustrations by and about Norwegian creatives and artists, we took a closer look at desing in sports — an industry where colors, identities and logo's are of extremely important significance — not only to the team or the players, but to millions of fans around the globe. Can you imagine how many that have 'You'll never walk alone' tattooed on their body? The chapter is strong and vivid, and designed by Nicklas Haslestad.

Content Development, Creative/Art Direction, Editorial Design, Writing, Editing (+ digital/social media/pr strategies, distribution and sales).

A New Type of Imprint is a magazine on creative culture and design. The magazine — founded by Mike in 2014 — is published quarterly by ANTI, written in English and distributed all over the world. The project started out with the ambition to highlight Norwegian designers, artists and creatives, but after eight issues the coverage expanded to include the nordic neighbours. The second chapter has a new topic, art direction and designer(s) for each issue — resulting in a wide range of graphic expression and editorial design. 

«The eye-pleasing publication does a great job in shining a light on a gifted yet often over-looked artistic nation.» —Glenys Johnson, Highsnobiety