Mike is an independent creative consultant and writer specialized in brand development and storytelling. She holds a BA in Art Direction and has received several international awards and nominations for her work. 


Expertise: Creative direction, art direction, branding, communication strategy, content and editorial production. Lectures and design talks: Adobe Creative Meetup, Creative Mornings, Westerdals Oslo ACT, Kristiania University, Visuelt Design Festival. Selected Press: Feature on adobe.com, Podcast interview with Spinnesiden, Interview with IdN Volume 24 No.2, Feature in New Nordic Design by Thames and Hudson 2015. Awards and nominations: (Currently nominated) Art Director of the Year 2018 (Stack Awards), Best Design Media Award 2018 (A' Design Award), Design Magazine of the Year 2018 (Årets Tidsskrift), Top 15 Editor's of the Year 2017 (Stack Awards), GOLD in Magazine Design 2017 (Visuelt), Top 15 Editor's of the Year 2016 (Stack Awards), Top 15 Magazine's of the Year 2016 (Stack Awards), SILVER in Magazine Design 2016 (Visuelt), SILVER in Magazine Design 2016 (Gullblyanten). Jury: European Design Awards, DNA Paris. Selected work: A New Type of Imprint Vol 13. The Great Success, Letter of Suckingness, The Pursuit of (Creative) Happiness, Big Little Liars