Veronica Mike decided to become an Art Director already at the age of fourteen. Mike holds a bachelor degree in Art Direction from Westerdals Oslo ACT, but her creative interests and current work includes creative direction, art direction, content development, journalism, copy writing, photography, editing, editorial design, video production, brand development and strategy. In 2011 she was awarded ‘Most Inspiring Blogger of The Year’ and won ‘Blogger of the Year’ in 2013 (Vixen Blog Award), with a blog about photography, novels and storytelling. In 2014 she started as an intern in one of Norway’s most awarded creative agencies, ANTI. Here she founded and developed the idea and strategy of A New Type of Imprint, a magazine on creative culture and design. After a month in, she pitched the idea to the agency and immediately got hired as a full time editor-in-chief and creative director, at the age of 23. Today the magazine is distributed all over the world and has received several awards and nominations for its design, concept and content.